It is said that when the Church Fathers agreed on an article of faith it was accepted as dogma.  These men, after all, lived within a few generations of the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Apostles.  Sure, there were heresies from time to time, but the doctrine of faith was agreed upon and vigorously defended.  Did you know that there was unanimity among the Church Fathers that God created everything in six literal days?  They understood that the Hebrew word “Yom”, as used in Genesis chapter 1, was quite clear on that point.

The pdf file below contains the names of 40 men widely recognized as Fathers of the early Church.  It provides the reference where the attribution for six literal days can be verified. It also shows the positions they held on the global flood as well as the age of the Earth where a position was put forward in writing.

Today scientists tell us that the Earth is over 4-billion years old and that if there is a God, He certainly didn’t create everything in 6-literal days.   Many in the Church now accept this science without considering the implications of doing so.  The implication being that the Holy Spirit did not dissuade the Church Fathers from viewing Genesis as literal history.  Certainly, God knew that science would one day declare that there is no need for a Creator.  That certain evidence, when viewed through the human eye, would refute the Biblical account of Creation.  Yet, the Holy Spirit did not correct the Church Fathers on Creation while at the same time inspiring them to defend the faith against all manner of heresy.

This is why I spent years reviewing and evaluating the evidence for and against materialistic origins and evolution.  I have not found any compelling reason to abandon the Biblical account of Creation.  I believe the Church Fathers had it right all the time.

Church Fathers & Creation